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Watch Nothing is Truer Than Truth on iTunes and other streaming services!

NTT IFFB Poster 2.0 with large titleWe are thrilled to announce that NOTHING IS TRUER THAN TRUTH was released by Gravitas Ventures on February 12, 2019, and the Apple iTunes link for the film is now live! Please share this link on your social media sites, websites, blogs, newsletters, and with colleagues, friends, and family! If you attended the premiere in Boston or the recent screening in California, please review the film on the iTunes page.

Cheryl Eagan-Donovan is interviewed by NPR’s Jefferson Exchange host Geoffrey Riley in a lively conversation with Shakespeare scholar Earl Showerman. Hear it now!

Director Eagan-Donovan joins the Don’t Quill the Messenger podcast to discuss “Nothing is Truer Than Truth.” Listen here!